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BlendSEO is the identity for Gregory Lee, search engine optimization, internet markeing and design professional. BlendSEO provides free advise and paid consulting.

With core competency in search engine optimization, Blend SEO internet marketing consultancy located in Atlanta, Georgia takes a blended approach toward the end goal.

With experience as SEO research and development for an Atlanta search engine marketing agency, and SEO Manager for a full service advertising agency, Blend SEO stays at the top of search marketing technology and strategies.

Blend SEO still provides the same high quality branding, corporate identity design, graphic design, website design, webmaster services, and conversion driving direct response marketing edge as when previously known as GLiD, yet now blends search engine optimization consultant expertise into the equation.

Blend Starts with the End In Mind

Internet marketing starts with the customer, and website development starts with customer research. As a search engine optimization consultant, the first step is to research customer querries to search engines. But as an internet search engine marketer, the first step is to understand your customers, how they makes decisions and how your business interacts with them (online and offline) - to develop the best strategy for your business online using search engine optimization and conversion.

Traffic and conversion are the backbone of internet marketing. For extended return on investment, SEO and local search are the primary focus for traffic. Search engine optimization is dependant upon website architecture and therefore sets the boundries of website development. The market searches for what it wants. The flow of information goes through the site where directed. Page rank, search engine bots and visitors all flow through the website according to the paths and boundaries created.

Blend-ER (Everything Relavent)

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Find knowledge leadership on everything relevant to your online presence. You can learn search engine optimization industry secrets, discover short cuts verses trade offs with doing it the long way, SEO tips for web hosting servers, and online branding strategy advice in the Blend-ER SEO blog...

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