Princeton Lakes Community and HOA

3149 Daleview Way, Atlanta, GA 30331 is located in the Princeton Lakes community.

The HOA is $600 per year, due quarterly.  That divides out to $50 per month.  It covers common area landscaping (which is beautiful), tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, security patrol, “doggy stations”, nature path, a staffed clubhouse, and events like jazz by the pool.  Chess club and swimming lessons were recently started for kids this summer.

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The HOA is active and helpful. For example, below is new business discussed in the most recent community monthly meeting, which is published in the password protected membership area of the Princeton Lakes community website…

1. Update on Atlanta Development Project
City of Atlanta will install a paved running path from North Camp Creek to Ansley apartments. City of Atlanta now purchased 23 acres for trail, currently acquiring remaining land near North Camp Creek for the remaining portion of the trail.
2. Update on City of Atlanta Sewer
The dip in the road at Dawson and Abbey will be addressed. Additional areas are
being researched on Garden Walk and Saville.
3. Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 Accomplishments
Five new doggy stations have been added in all five areas of the community.
The lighting at all five monuments have been repaired. If a street light on your
street is out please contact Georgia Power with the street light number and the
street it is located.
4. Solicitation of Committee Members
Social Committee will be meeting on Thursday, March 1st at 7pm to discuss events
for the year and nominate a committee chair.
The following committees will be also soliciting volunteers:
ACC (Landscape) Committee – identity violations, approve requests, and submit
ideas for area beautification
Safety Committee – serve as eyes and ears throughout committee
Civic Committee – serve as liaison for community (i.e. NPU-P meetings first
Monday of the month)

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