Online Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Goals and Strategies

There are two goals to SEO/SEM... Attract visitors and convert. My strategies include a combination of market driven on page optimization, proper cross-linking, direct response marketing with calls to action and highly targeted link building.

Every website begins with keyword analysis for the target market and an interview from a sales manager. Keyword analysis guides the structure of the website pages, crosslinking and on-page optimization. It also gives insight to what the market knows and wants.

Interviewing salespeople gives further insight for writing marketing copy. Optimization and marketing work as one system.

SEO Workflow

Introductory Analysis

  1. Business Review: Identify Business Strategy & Background, Target Market and Competitors
  2. SEO Review: Analyze SEO effectiveness via search engine index ranking, back-link analysis, Google page rank, domain age
  3. Website Review: Analyze server headers, site architecture, code spiderability, meta tags, robots tags, site map, keyword density map

Keyword Analysis

  1. Identify keyword phrases for target market and vertical markets
  2. Identify top 10 ranked competitors for top keyword phrases


  1. Address Major Onsite Issues: server headers, spider friendly code, robots tags, site map.
  2. Define keyword usage throughout website: website architecture/navigation, meta tags, keyword density within content copy, fresh content creation
  3. Propose off-site strategy: article submission, social network participation, press releases, manual link request/exchange, blog participation


  1. Training for in-house team
  2. Custom quote for provided work

Market-centric Content Design

Depending on the the website, i use a mix of hard sell techniqes from the Dan Kennedy style long format sales letter and short, direct impartial writing accompanied with social proof. User generated content via blog comments is one way to create social proof while benefiting SEO by adding continually updated content. My main goals of content are educating/selling the user, gaining user trust/confidence and converting with calls to action.

SEO/SEM Resources and Mentors:

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