SEO Consulting Rates

$100 – $150 per hour depending on the scope of the engagement.


There are two goals to SEO, attract visitors and convert. However, the BlendSEO view is that of a marketing consultant, from a broader view.  SEO bleeds into other areas of social media, events, PR, content generation, analytics and conversion. 

In a sense, SEO is a contest in thought leadership – becoming a trusted resource on your subject matter. All efforts should blend to support lead qualification, nurturing and the general sales or conversion process.  BlendSEO search engine optimization consulting strategies are specific to your needs, but often include a combination of content generation/distribution/marketing, on page optimization, decisive interlinking or cross-linking, direct response marketing devices with calls to action and highly targeted link building.

Every website SEO begins with customer research.  This can include keyword research for the target market, interviewing your sales expert, competitor research.

SEO Workflow

Analysis & Audit

  1. Business Discovery:
    Identify Business Strategy & Background, Target Market and Competitors
  2. SEO Review:
    Analyze your current SEO effectiveness via search engine ranking, back-link analysis, local SEO efforts, and social media engagement
  3. Website Audit:
    Analyze use of best practices such as server behavior, site architecture, spider friendly code, keyword usage, and potential penalties

Keyword Research

  1. Identify keyword phrases for target market and vertical markets
  2. Research your traditional competitors
  3. Identify search result competitors

SEO Strategy

  1. Address major issues or penalties
  2. Map keyword usage throughout website
  3. Propose off-site strategy


Options for implementing SEO recommendations range from BlendSEO making changes directly into your website to consulting your development team.

  1. Training for your content team to implement changes and strategies ongoing
  2. Consulting for your IT or web development team to implement technical changes
  3. The most hands-on approach, using FTP or web server access to implement changes directly into your website or CMS