My Favorite SEO Tools for the Consulting Agency

My Favorite SEO Tools for the Consulting Agency

As an SEO director at a large privately owned marketing agency with brand clients, this is my setup of favorite SEO tools to have at hand.

Google Search Console API

Pull 5000 Queries from Google Search Console

Go to Google Drive sheets and install

  1. Open a spreadsheet
  2. Add-ons > Search Analytics for Sheets > Open sidebar
  3. Select client website
  4. Select date range
  5. Group By: Query
  6. Results Sheet: Active sheet (or pick which tab to overwrite)


Backups can been enabled for all clients. These will eventually run out of Google Sheets line limit. When they do, a new Google spreadsheet must be created to continue the backups.

Client Monthly Excel Reports

  • Copy data into GSC Data tab of monthly report
  • Fill in the date column with the month and year the data covers

Setup Python for GSC API

If you want to use Python to create your own API, use

Keyword Research Tools

  1. Keywords Everywhere (Chrome Extension)
    Adds search volume and CPC data for Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, Answer The Public, Soovle, Keyword Shitter, Majestic & Moz.
  2. Wordtracker Scout (Chrome Extension)
    Pulls keywords and data from a competitor page
  3. Keyword Mixer
  4. Quora or Yahoo Answers
  5. LSI Graph – latent semantic indexing keyword generation tool
  6. Google Trends and Google Correlate
  7. UbberSuggest
  11. Keyword Shitter
  12. Moz Keyword Explorer
  13. Google Adwords

Chrome Extensions for SEO

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. MozBar
  3. PageSpeed Insights
  4. LastPass
  5. Google Tag Assistant
  6. CC – shows number of characters selected
  7. Wordtracker Scout
  8. Web Developer
  9. Link Redirect Trace

Bookmarked Tools

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Zemti
  4. Tag Manager
  5. Google My Business
  6. Conductor
  7. Majestic
  8. Followerwonk
  9. Google SERP Snippet Optimizer & Preview Tool by Predikkta
    This is the only Title and Description preview tool that is updated to the correct length for Google since it made listings a little longer in 2016
  10. Brightedge
  11. SEMrush
    Quickly get a starting list of keywords

SEO Apps

  1. Screaming Frog
  2. Excel add on – ASAP Utilities
  3. A1 Sitemap Generator – and other A1 tools: I generally use ScreamingFrog now instead of these.


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