Joining Best SEO Agency in Atlanta

After 6 years of SEO, graphic design and web development  for my full time client in Charleston, SC….

As of January 19, 2010 I (Gregory Lee) will be employed full time for the “Top SEO Company in the World”  while continuing SEO consulting.  I was hired as the Research and Development Technician to help clients with websites that are struggling.  I will be researching and developing new strategies to improve website visibility where the normal good practices just are not quite doing enough.  I’ll be researching new algorithm changes, studying link profiles, doing competitive website research, and overturning stones to improve standard procedures.

Kudos to Charleston SEO and Internet Marketing Mentor

Of course I have to give credit to my client and mentor of the last 5 or 6 years.  The SEO knowledge and tools will be going with me to my knew position.  The uniquely trained link building virtual assistants and copywriters will surely come in handy for countless clients who don’t have time to create optimized blogs every week or the time to comb the internet requesting for links, commenting on blogs, posting articles, etc.

At this prominent SEO agency, I’ll be wearing fewer hats so I can focus on creating, implementing and tracking the results of my SEO strategies…one client at a time.  Sure, there will still be some creative opportunities as I check all website implementation for graphic design cohesion.  I’ll even have some opportunity to roll up my sleeves and work with code when the implementation department gets backed up.  Furthermore, I’ll be diving into new ground (for me) working with server generated dynamic content where the meta tags are pieced together from different areas of a database.  I look forward to a fulfilling career, focused on Search Engine Optimization results.

Research & Development Technician or SEO Scientist?

Since I’ll be studying websites, creating a hypothesis designed to bring specific results, implementing my plan and testing the results, I believe that is essentially the scientific method.  So that would make me a scientist.  Maybe my new title should be SEO R&D Scientist.

What do you think of that title?  Sounds a little more impressive than Research and Development Technician.  And I think it may actually be accurate.  What credentials do you need to be considered a scientist, other than practicing the scientific method?

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