Landing Page Duplicate Content Optimization Boosts Your Adwords Quality Score

How to Spend Less on PPC Bids by Boosting Landing Pages’ Adwords Quality Score

If you want to optimize your landing page, you already know the first thing Google Adwords Help tells us is to optimize the Landing Page Experience.  So, start with the easiest tactic that takes no resources other than a smart strategy and the SEO tool on this page.  Before you engage your creative team of writers, graphic designers and web developers, take 20 minutes to create a strategy to address this little known factor in landing page experience that anyone can do with no special skills.Landing pages quality score relies on duplicate content

Google Adwords Help has a sneaky way of telling us that duplicate content, something very familiar for SEO, is also a factor in your Adwords landing page quality score.  What we can determine from Google’s help is that Google first reads the content, using the Ads-Bot to crawl your landing page.  Next Google decides if your content is original, specifically original compared to other websites.

The opposite of original content is duplicate content.

Duplicate content has been in the forefront of SEO consulting from the beginning.  Now, Google has multiple bots like the mobile bot, smartphone bot and Ads-bot that crawl your content and your competitors content to allow Google to decipher and make decisions about your content.  SEO considers duplicate content within your website as well as between separate websites.  These are two separate issues with two levels of importance.  Duplicate content between pages of your website makes it hard for Google to crawl and rank your site, but it won’t make Google hate you.  Duplicate content between your site and another, will incur penalization.  This has been the crux of the Google Panda algorithm filter as well as manual penalties and past algorithms. And now it is a factor of Adwords Quality Score.

Check for Duplicate Content with Competitive Landing Pages

If you run simultaneous campaigns across multiple websites, duplicate content across these landing pages could be killing your quality score and forcing you to bid higher.  Check your pages for duplicate content.  Use this tool to compare content and see the degree of similarity a bot sees when crawling each page.

Duplicate Content Check

How much text similarity can you get away with?  Let’s find out together. Check your similarity and between two pages and check the score for each.  Leave a comment below for your overall text similarity and your scores for the pages.  Next, change up your copy and make a comment on your new similarity and how it affected your score.

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  1. Appco at 3:09 am

    Thanks Lee… in SEO quality is important, content should be original. Google checks if your content is original compared to other websites.

  2. RedWoods at 2:53 am

    Yes, Gregory. I agree with the piece about landing page optimization. Poor landing page quality can never help. The Internet users want to see relevant information for their searches. And, one should not overlook the website landing page, and better optimize it, first.

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