How to Out Rank Your Competitors Using Keyword Density

Keyword density analyzer that actually lets you find the density of a particular keyword phrase on your site, compared to your competitor’s site. Most keyword density SEO tools just give you a list of words they find on the site and the particular webpage you request.

Free Keyword Density Analyzer
Free Keyword Density Analyzer
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If you already know what keywords and phrases for which you want to rank, then the task is to reverse engineer those sites that rank at the top of the SERPs for your chosen keyword phrase.

This keyword density tool allows you to compare your keyword density of a phrase on your webpage against your competitor’s page who ranks above you.

However, beware of keyword stuffing…

Keyword stuffing can trigger an over-optimization penalty.  The text should read naturally.  There is no rule for what percent of density is ideal.  Compare your density to that of the webpages that rank at the top for your target keyword phrase.  This will give you an acceptable range.

You can also use this keyword density cloud SEO tool to get a feel for unnatural keyword density.


Keyword Density Cloud Checker

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Once you have competitive on-page SEO factors, you can switch your focus to off-page to link building.

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