3 Step Component of Local Search Optimization: Yelp Business Tools

Yelp reviews is a vital component of 3 steps for local search (or map search) optimization.  The existence of Yelp reviews, good or bad, cements your business into the local/map search results.

This video tutorial shows the basics for using Yelp business tools.  However, leveraging yelp for local search optimization can be simplified to 3 steps.

Watch Video: Yelp Business Tools for Local Search Optimization 

Yelp can work against your SEO or for your SEO

….and it has nothing to do with whether you have good or bad review! 

Here’s the BIGGEST secret to make YELP help your local search optimization – CONSISTENCY!

1. Verify your business information is consistent on your website and your domain registration.  Beware… if you change your domain registration address, your Google PageRank may drop to ZERO for a few weeks until Google re-ranks you.  If you need to change your registration address, don’t make any changes on your website before or after.  This shows Google that nothing changed other than the registration address, and gives you the best chance for Google to quickly put you back at your proper PageRank.

2.  Visit biz.Yelp.com and create your free business account.  Follow directions from this video.

3. Claim your business listings in Yahoo and Google.  Be sure to provide Google and Yahoo with the same local address and phone number you have listed for your domain registration and published on your website.

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