Local SEO: 3 Ways to Boost Your Local Business Rankings

If you already have a Google Places page, and your listing appears when you zoom into your location on the Google Map, but how do you get it to rank higher for the initial search?

Local SEO Search Data Sources image from http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/

  1. Common sense says to optimize everything you can. Title (company/organization), description, categories, additional details, and coupons, etc.  Anywhere you can enter data – optimize it (but don’t spam).
  2. Reviews – this is another easy one.  The hard part is making it happen. Come up with a way to get customers to write reviews.  This could be a contest, discount, freebie, etc rewarding people who write reviews (good or bad – just keep it honest).OK, but where?You can check the topped rank sites to see where they have reviews that get pulled into their Google Place page. Provide a list for your customers of places where they can write reviews.  Obviously, they can do it right in Google on your Place page.  That’s always a good option.
  3. Citations – this is anywhere your business location is mentioned.  There does not have to be a link.  Google reads content and remembers.  If you business is listed on websites for your local chamber of commerce, your local newspaper, your local  phone directory, these are all good spots where Google can find you.

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