Rich Answers Doubled: Enable, Pause or Delete this SEO News?

Google rich answers more than doubled since 2018 — due to an explosion of image carousels

Study of 1.4 million queries by Perficient Digital (slightly more than the 7 query study by WSJ that has been refuted across the search industry) saw an increase in total rich answers, driven mainly around an increase in image carousels (a type of rich answer) appearing in search results.

Enable: Why you need to know…

Since 2015, Google has been increasing the presence of rich results that provide an answer to queries, reducing the need for users to click through within every step of their search journey. This growth in image search may point to Google’s move toward visual search, announced in May 2019.

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Visual search can become a new direction for online shopping. Google is partnering on image search development with Target, Samsung, Volvo and Wayfair. Brands such as retailers with robust image SEO in place will be in a good position to take advantage of this trend.

Delete: Be cautious…

Image search traffic often does not convert and requires special setup to measure, as outlined by AJ Kohn. However, rich results such as image carousels only represent part of the user search journey. When we see stats like 50% of searches result in no click, it does not mean people stopped reading, researching and buying online. It simply means that for every click through to a publisher or brand, there was a preliminary search where the user ingested information from Google results that informed their next search.

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