Core Fonts for SEO Friendly Website Development

An essential part of SEO is designing your website so that it conforms to standards.

The below table of Microsoft Core fonts is no longer freely available from Microsoft, but these free standard fonts are available here, completely legally thanks to the terms of Microsoft’s font license.


Thanks to Nick Shanks for hosting these fonts and sharing his knowledge on them.

Andale Monoandale32.exeandalemono.sit.hqx (v 2.00)
Arialarial32.exeArial.sit.hqx (v 2.90)Nimbus Sans L
Arial Blackarialb32.exeArialBlack.sit.hqx (v 2.35)
Comic Sans MScomic32.exeComicSans.sit.hqx (v 2.10)
Courier Newcourie32.exeCourierNew.sit.hqx (v 2.61)Nimbus Mono L
Georgiageorgi32.exeGeorgia.sit.hqx (v 2.05)
Impactimpact32.exeImpact.sit.hqx (v 2.35)
Times New Romantimes32.exeTimesNew.sit.hqx (v 2.91)Nimbus Roman NÂș9 L
Trebuchet MStrebuc32.exeTrebuchet.sit.hqx (v 1.15)
Verdanaverdan32.exeVerdana.sit.hqx (v 2.35)

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