SEO Web Design & Graphic Design Services

SEO web design services ideally start in initial planning before a domain is purchased or can be implemented into the expansion of an existing website. Planning for SEO during website design enables underlying SEO strategy built into the architecture, URLs and domain. Website and graphic design services include content design, page layout design, branding, corporate identity, logo design and placing conversion elements.

Google Plus SEO: Enable Author Profile Snippet in SERPs

Google Plus has a lot of SEO buzz right now thanks to Google's own initiative feeding itself.  The purist attitude of providing non-biased information is moot as Google promotes its failed Facebook knock-off in search results.  Heavy Google Plus users are rewarded in search results.  For online organizations to remain…

GLiD Design and Marketing Becomes Blend SEO.

GLiD becomes Blend. Blend starts with the end in mind.  A blended skill set of design and marketing contributes to SEO for a stronger, unified result.  Blend is SEO (search engine optimization) infused with design and marketing.  Our blog, the BlendER (ER = Everything Relevant), breaks down problems that are…

Core Fonts for SEO Friendly Website Development

An essential part of SEO is designing your website so that it conforms to standards. The below table of Microsoft Core fonts is no longer freely available from Microsoft, but these free standard fonts are available here, completely legally thanks to the terms of Microsoft's font license. 107