GLiD Design and Marketing Becomes Blend SEO.

GLiD becomes Blend.

GLiD SEO services becomes Blend SEO services

Blend starts with the end in mind.  A blended skill set of design and marketing contributes to SEO for a stronger, unified result.  Blend is SEO (search engine optimization) infused with design and marketing.  Our blog, the BlendER (ER = Everything Relevant), breaks down problems that are hard to chew into easily digestible servings.

Meaning Behind the Cute Words and Symbols?

The new business name and logo represent a blended approach to an end result.  A bit more organic than the old GLiD logo, Blend reveals aspects of synergy and growth.  The internet of yesterday, well, more like a few years ago…was pretty cut and dry.  If you got past the technical barriers, you were in.  Moving forward to the internet of yesterday – we were all captivated by web 2.0, and the community element. Blogs for individuals, blogs for companies, BLOGs for Everyone!  Search engine optimization became more organic as content provided by the community grew and search engines evolved.  Today, the elements of design and marketing are obviously essential components.  Technical internet expertise is required to keep up with quickly moving, influential search engines.  In addition, community involvement has blossomed into a mixture of social media.  Mobile web devices, local search and multinational internet presence demand focus to be divided and narrowed to human behavior at a single location.  With all this in mind, it starts with the marketing end goal.

Blend SEO services

GLiD has long been a solo act.  Since 1997, growth transformed Greg Lee I.D. through industrial design, identity, intelligent design, …and now the expansion involving collaboration with others behind the scenes coupled with intense SEO research and development pushes GLiD forward into Blend.  GLiD SEO and design services are now Blend SEO.

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