2014 Prediction: Mobile SEO and Site Development

By now you should have heard enough buzz about the increase of mobile device usage to give mobile SEO some attention in 2014. It is my prediction that during 2014 Google will begin algorithmically enforcing the mobile SEO guideline updates it published near the end of 2013.  To cover the basics, aside from your SEO keyword strategy, your development team should be looking at making sure your mobile site is loading in one second or less and that all redirects are working properly so that any links from your sitemaps, your other sites or 3rd party sites do not mislead search engine crawlers or users. If your mobile site is a skeleton version of your desktop site, this may require some rethinking on what content is included on the mobile site, how you link to it or how mobile devices are redirected.

Read my section (#3) entitled Mobile SEO Will Require You to Feed the Google Experience, for more ideas on the impact of mobile SEO on your overall visibility in Google Search.

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